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 The Temple # 15

What is the source of the claim that Joseph of Arimathea was the great uncle of Jesus?, Mark McGiveron. The Magical Medieval Chess, Damian Prestbury. The Staff of the Templar Grand Master, Mark McGiveron. Before the Delusion, William Gleeson. Observing Elizabeth I, Terence F. Dick.


The Temple # 14


Laurence Gardner Interview, Atasha Fyfe. The Value of Yorkshire, Diane Holloway. Royston Cave—Used by Saints and Sinner? Sylvia Beamon. The Templecombe ‘Port –hole’, Juliet Faith. The Knights Templar at Temple Ewell & The Templar Round Church on Bredenstone Hill, Sean Jordan-Wilson. Albrecht Durer’s Rhomboid –The Magical Geometric Star Chamber, Terence F. Dick.




The Temple # 13


The Real Treasure Chest of Tradition, Philip Gardiner.  Love, Magick and the Tree of Life, Gordon Strong.  Gwyn ap Nudd: A First and Frame Deity, Angelika Heike Rüdiger. The Cameley Head, Juliet Faith.





The Temple # 12


The Nose Knows -The Hallmark of the Merovingians?, Stan St. Claire Templar Hunting in the Czech Republic Royston Cave, Herts. and Sloup, Ceska Lipa, Cz., Stephen Andrews. Gwyn ap Nudd -Lord of Light & Master of Time, Angelika Heike Rüdiger. The Origins of Head Worship, O. Olsen.  Rosslyn Chapel’s Strangest Carving, Jeff Nisbet. 




The Temple # 11


Perceval’s Quest: Redeeming the Sacred Feminine pt II, Forrest Lamb. Did the Templars survive in Scotland?, Hugh Montgomery. The Piercing of the Eye, Shawn Douglas Sinclair. Royston Cave - What exactly s it?, Sylvia Beamon. Templars and the Cistercians in England, Evelyn Lord. Tracking Sirius, Nicholas R. Mann.



The Temple # 10


The Shepherds of Arcadia and The Golden Ratio, Jim Beck. Talking Heads, Brian Gent. Perceval’s Grail Quest: Redeeming the Sacred Feminine pt I, Forrest Lamb. The Somerset Parallelogram, Yuri Leitch ‘Gwyn - Ancient god of Glastonbury and key to the Glastonbury Zodiac’, Yuri Leitch. Da Datta, Count Julius S. Dembinski. 





The Temple # 9


The Sons of Brychan, Yuri Leitch. The Green Man, St George and the Templars, Paul Broadhurst. The Cameley Head - An Enigma, Juliet Faith. Gozo and the Temples, Stephen Andrews. The Lincoln Cathedral Code - Solution to the Mystery of Rennes Le Chateau?, Callum Jensen. Gwyn, Lord of Avalon, Yuri Leitch.


The Temple # 8


The King Arthur Code, Philip Gardiner. A letter from Rieux, Minervois, Stephen Andrews. Sinclair (The Mystery of the Name), Yuri Leitch. The Knights Templar Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France. Terence F. Dick. The Righteous Teachers, O. Olsen. 





The Temple # 7

The Underground Stream pt II., Bob Mander. Poussin and the Sacred Angle, Jim Beck. Shakespeare and Hermetic Magic, Atasha McMillan. The Grail of the Greenwoods, Damian Prestbury. The Templar Beauceant, O. Olsen 

The Temple # 6

Saint Sara; Matroness of the Gypsies, Patricia Innuso. The Early History of Freemasonry, Dr. Robert Lomas. Will the Real Robert Langdon stand up? Peter Gower. One Possible Source for the Grail / Joseph of Arimathaea Connection, M. McGiveron. Were the Templars Head Worshippers? O. Olsen. The Underground Stream, pt I, Bob Mander. 





The Temple # 5

Balantradock - The Scottish Temple. Schiehallion –Mount Zion in the far North, Barry Dunford. Little Mapelstead’s Rotunda, O. Olsen. A History of Canadian Masonic Templarism, Stephen Dafoe. Temple - Cornwall, O. Olsen.


The Temple # 4

Abraxas - the seal of the Inner Order Templars? O. Olsen.  Knights Templar House. Kelevdon – Essex, Terence Wilson.  Mary Magdalene - Mistress of the Grail, Ani Williams. The Templars of Rousillon, Sandy Hamblett Temple Church - London, O. Olsen. 






The Temple # 3

Prester John. Godfrey De Bouillion's Templar Knights. O. Olsen. Mount Sion and the Essenes. Sandy Hamblett. St. Michael's Church arway, O. Olsen. The Larmenius Charter and the Legitimacy of Modern-Day Knights Templar.  Chev. Vincent G. Zubras Jr..The Fall of Acre, Stephen Dafoe.


The Temple # 2

The Hanged Man - Geoffrey de Mandeville, O. Olsen. The Head on the Platter, Yuri Leitch. The First Templars, Sadny Hamblett. The Knights Templar - Freemasonry and Rosslyn Chapel. Bill Jackman. Templars in Somerset and Bristol, O. Olsen The Legacy of Mary Magdalene, Lynn Picknett. Franks Casket; Genesis of the Grail Myth, Yuri Leitch.





The Temple # 1

A Brief History of The Knights Templar, O. Olsen. Sabine Baring Gould - The Sangreal and the Franks Casket, Yuri Leitch. The Knights Templars and Lady Wisdom, Damian Prestbury. Abbot Henry de Blois - Templars and The Holy Grail, O. Olsen. Was there a Templar presence on the Isle of Avalon during the medieval period? M.  McGiveron. Salome - Lady of The Grail. Yuri Leitch.


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