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What is Living? Tradition of the Islands of Britain? What is the Keltic inheritance? How can it be known when so much has been lost? How can we, by drawing on the roots of our Native Land, the Spiritual Unfoldment of Ourselves and our Planet as this time? By Substantive means of the Pictish Symbol Stones, and consideration of the Nature of the Keltic Gods and Goddesses, the Author brings forward a Key for the relevance of some of the Mysteries of the Keltic Root Race.

ISBN 978-0-9557400-3-9

48 pages

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Publishing date: 27th March 2009


Underground Mythology, edited by Sylvia P. Beamon is a unique study by experts in subterranean lore from the UK and Central Europe.


Introduction - The Editor:

1. The Shell Grotto at Margate - Ruby M. Haslam

2. Exploring Water in Underground Mythology - Dr. Bruce E. Osborne

Introduction to the Czech Republic contributors - Editor

Post-Mesolithic finds from Bohemian Karst Region and the Exploitation of Caves in the Post-Mesolithic Development of Central Europe - a summary of this unpublished paper, 1987 - Dr Vaclav Matousek

3. The Motif of the Cave in Folk Culture - Dr Vaclac Matousek

4. Cave of Nymphs, Archaic Mind, and the Symbol of the Cave - Dr Vaclav Cilek

5. Who and What were the Knockers or the Knackers? -Sylvia P. Beamon

6. Mithraism, A 'Subterranean’ Religion - MC Black

Conclusion by the Editor

ISBN 978-0-9557400-2-2

123 pages

£ 6.95

Publishing date: 9th March 2009




Joseph of Arimathea, the graveside attendant to the crucified Jesus, is one of the most mysterious figures in the New Testament. The Gospels make no mention of him during Jesus' early ministry. Then he steps out of the shadows and takes centre stage at the pivotal moment upon which the central mystery of Christianity is based. He then seemingly disappears from Church history. The‘Acts of the Apostles’ makes no mention of him and neither do the Epistles. To the sceptical tradition this disappearance suggests that no such person ever existed.

In this booklet Mark McGiveron assesses the often-proposed theory that Joseph of Arimathea is mythological and was created by the Gospel writers to
aid the narrative of the entombment of Jesus. The present study thus represents a ‘back door’ entry to the study of the historicity of the Gospels and in particular the Passion accounts within them.

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