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Sylvia P. Beamon, M.A. (Cantab) studied archaeology and anthropology, graduating from Cambridge University in 1977(Lucy Cavendish College). She has held a long-term interest in underground structures and the reuse of the galleries and chambers left within disused mines. She has lectured and published widely in this field. Sylvia founded the national society Subterranea Britannica in 1974 editing its journal of the same name for ten years. 

Sylvia co-authored The Ice-houses of Britain (1990) Routledge, London which is recognised as the definitive work on Icehouses in this country. The National Monuments Record and the British Academy supported the project, with Dr Susan Roaf, which gained a British Archaeological Award in 1986. 

In addition to her roles as book reviewer, archaeological excavator, TV / radio contributor and conference organiser, Sylvia has interests in childcare and health issues. Since 1996, she has become a reviewer and consumer for the Cochrane Collaboration and continues research into the underground treatment of asthma known as Speleotherapy. 

Other titles by Sylvia include: Royston Cave Used by Saint or Sinners? The Ice-houses of Britain, Exploring Royston Cave, Underground Mythology and Speleotherapy for Asthma


Philip Gardiner is published in several languages including English, Czech, Romanian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Estonian and many more. His books include: The Serpent Grail, The Shining Ones, Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed, The Ark, The Shroud and Mary, Secret Societies, Gateways to the Otherworld, The Bond Code, Secrets of the Serpent and a fiction entitled Brotherhood of the Snake. He has made several award winning documentaries, appeared on both Discovery and History Channel. He also hosts his own TV Chat Show in the UK called Gardiner’s World. His website is He has a BA in Marketing and is Vice President of Reality Films. He writes a regular column for a prestigious London arts magazine, as well as regular contributions to dozens of magazines worldwide.


Philippa Glasson is an astrologer. The author, with Nicholas Mann, of ‘Avalon’s Red and White Springs,’ she worked as an academic for many years before moving to Glastonbury.




Yuri Leitch lives in Glastonbury, Somerset, where he works as an author and artist. He also spends many of his hours with his head stuck in dusty old books and has made a passionate study of British History, Celtic Folklore and a broad spectrum of the world’s ancient mythologies for over twenty years. He was born in Barnstaple, Devon, in 1968, and has spent most of his life living in the South West of Britain. He has explored the landscape and histories of the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Bristol and Avon and now Somerset.  

For many years Yuri has written essays and articles, for various publications on a range of topics. His knowledge grows as he researches and encompasses the stories of the ancient deities, his own Holy Grail investigations and related esoteric matters. This is his first book - the result of six wonder filled years living in sight of and contemplating the awesome landmark of Glastonbury. ‘Gwyn’ is a product of care, love and devotion to the Tor.




Nicholas Mann is an internationally published author of many books including ‘The Isle of Avalon,’ ‘Glastonbury Tor,’ ‘The Sacred Geometry of Washington DC,’ ‘The Silver Branch Cards’ and ‘Sedona: Sacred Earth.’ He lives in Glastonbury.


Hugh Montgomery was educated both in the UK and abroad, after a successful business career in South America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the UK, Hugh Montgomery returned to Academia becoming President of and Professor at the Megatrend University of Applied Sciences in Belgrade, formerly Yugoslavia now Serbia. He retired from the position of President some five years ago, but remains on the board of overseas Professors. In 2005 he was elected a Fellow of the prestigious Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Scotland’s oldest learned Society, founded in 1780. In retirement he continues to work for the local community being recently elected a local councillor.  

Professor Montgomery holds a Ph.D. in Audiology, a Diploma in Contract Law and the professional qualification of Inginiero Comercial (Chile). He is the author of a number of technical and historical papers and books including; ‘The Montgomery Millennium’ and ‘The God-Kings of Europe’.


William Gleeson was born in New Zealand in 1946 and graduated MSc (Hons) from Auckland University.

After a career in executive positions in Australia, SE Asia and USA he is now a Business Management consultant in the field of biotechnology.

William has always had a keen interest in the history of science and in the conflict of science and religion. For more than ten years he has pursued a personal interest in documenting the mysteries and factual anomalies in the literature and archaeological records of the ancient world - which forms the basis of this book.

William Gleeson lives with his wife in Australia.


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