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All over the British Isles natural springs appear.  Many are regarded as holy and are reputed to possess healing properties.  Among the most venerated of these healing waters are the Red and White Springs that flow from the base of the famed Glastonbury Tor. 

In The Red & White Springs of Avalon the authors draw on alchemy and other spiritual traditions to explain the hidden powers of these two remarkable springs.  They show how these ancient wisdom traditions provide important keys to the initiatory and healing secrets of Avalon.  This fascinating exploration of Chalice Well, the Tor and the White Spring has become an essential guide to the mysteries of Glastonbury. 

Geomancer Nicholas R. Mann B.A. is the author of Glastonbury Tor, The Isle of Avalon, Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor, Druid Magic, The Silver Branch Cards and The Sacred Geometry of Washington DC.  Philippa Glasson D.Phil. is an astrologer and seer who taught in the University of Cambridge for many years.  She is the author of influential books and articles on subjects ranging from Renaissance alchemy to post-modern spirituality.  Nicholas and Philippa are the joint authors of The Star Temple of Avalon.  They can be contacted at

Publication date 1 June 2010

Binding: PB

Pages: 50

ISBN: 978-0-9557400-7-7


Now available in Kindle edition, ISBN 978-0-9557400-6-0 @ Amazon



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